The school has recently adopted a Principal-lead executive structure, as detailed below:

  • The Principal fosters the oversight and successful delivery of the School’s educational vision and ensures that the expectations of students, parents, teachers and the community are met and is the ‘public face of the school’.
  • The Assistant Principal promotes the integrity and development of the Waldorf curriculum and its effective delivery.  He/she is the ‘internal face of the school for staff, curriculum and pastoral care’.
  • The Business Manager manages the School’s financial and business operations, infrastructure, and industrial relations, supported by a full-time book-keeper.
  • The Collegiate Leadership Group (CLG) consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal and elected senior teachers and is an advisory body responsible for carrying the ethos and educational vision of the Steiner curriculum.
  • The PSPG is the parents’ representative group, committed to a supportive, informed, involved and committed partnership between parents and staff.
  • The Faculties represent the major educational segments of the school, and are supported by Faculty Chairs, who provide the operational link between faculties and the school administration.