Parent School Partnership Group (PSPG)

The PSPG is the parents’ group at the Mt Barker Waldorf School. The PSPG is committed to a supportive, informed, involved and committed partnership between parents, the executive, staff, board and students.
We are welcoming of all parents and promote parent involvement in our school. The PSPG is a forum for parents to exchange ideas, raise concerns and provide input into the school. Parent involvement can be for one specific task/area - there is no long term commitment required to be part of this friendly and active group of parents.

What have we been up to?

We now have a suggestion box at the front desk of the office. Parents are welcome to write suggestions and ideas relating to any aspect of our school. Suggestions can be anonymous or with details of who you are. The box will be cleared weekly and members of the PSPG will follow up on all suggestions.

Putting the fun into fundraising is the aim of some of our members. We are coming up with great ideas to bring the school community together, enjoy each others company plus raise money at the same time. Stay tuned.

After school childcare, parent involvement in learning support and a school recipe book are also being explored.

PSPG meetings are lively and we are open to new ideas and have a passion for action.