Finding One's Place in a Changing World

"The great thing is to enable the human being to find his place in the world with due confidence in his own power of judgement" - Rudolf Steiner

Parents today are faced with the challenge of finding an approach to education that will both support and nurture their children as they grow and develop, and provide a curriculum that prepares them for lifelong learning in a world that is constantly changing. Waldorf Education strives to develop in the students a healthy relationship to learning and to the society in which they live, which allows them "to impart meaning and purpose to their lives".

The curriculum in a Waldorf school offers a balance of academic, artistic and practical activities so that the child is thoroughly prepared for life. Through this comprehensive approach, one that does not specialize early, students come to know the world in its diversity and complexity and always in relation to the human being. This allows them to find their place in the world and feel connection to people and ideas rather than alienation from these things.

Living Arts Centre

Artistic subjects such as painting, music, eurythmy (an art of movement), modelling and drama are an important and integral part of our curriculum, being taught alongside the more academic subjects and practical activities such as craft, gardening, technical studies and games/sport.

Through the subject matter, children learn to develop and harmonise their powers of thinking, feeling and doing. It is not only what is learnt, but also how and when that is important. Emerging capacities and abilities are fostered and supported by a curriculum that recognizes and works with the specific strengths and challenges that develop at different stages of life. Changes in the inner world of the students can resonate with the ideas and activities they encounter at the right time in their learning.